The Institute for Inner Growth

                                                                      Spring, 2021


Our Purpose

To provide all interested persons in the community, regardless of ability to pay, a series of programs for self-development, inner spiritual growth and enhancement of consciousness.

Our Programs

Enneagram Work
The Enneagram is initially a tool for understanding personality typology, which through the use of self-observation can move us into the spirituality of the second half of Life. Each participant can learn more about the issues that challenge the personality. If the individual is called to do so, they can begin to address the issues which usher them deeper into the spiritual realms, leading them closer to a direct connection to the Divine. We begin to observe our own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and learn how they differ from eight other types, resulting optimistically in compassion for ourselves and others.

Your dreams are the language by which the unconscious and the transcendent attempt to communicate to you. Learn of the possibilities for growth with this process.

Spiritual Guidance

Private sessions with either Mira-Barbara or Kent Rossman.

Diamond Approach
The Diamond Approach is a path of wisdom, an approach to the investigation of Reality and a method of working on oneself that leads to human maturity and liberation.

Healing Energies -for information, email


Kent Rossman,M.D.: now retired from the practice of Radiation Oncology in Phoenix, he is pursuing the path of inner growth and development as both student and teacher. He currently is deeply involved with studies in the Diamond Approach. He is a certified teacher with Helen Palmer in the Enneagram Oral Tradition, and also has worked with Brugh Joy, MD, a gifted spiritual teacher to increase his ability for Heart Centering, Dream Interpretation, and Hands-on Healing.

Barbara (Mira) Rossman R.N., B.S.N.: now retired from emergency room nursing, she is a certified teacher of Helen Palmer and David Daniel’s Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition school, and has a certificate degree from the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology. Her work with Carolyn Conger, Maria Elena Cairo and Brugh Joy, MD, has opened her intuition and ability to know people on a deeper level, and lends itself to work with spiritual facilitation, collectively and privately, and with dream interpretation.  She contributed her resources to the birthing of the AEA (Arizona Enneagram Association), and currently is Membership Chairperson of the Phoenix Friends of CG Jung.


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The Institute is a 501-3-c non-profit organization that provides scholarships to students in need and accepts donations for this program.

                                                                                         Mission Statement

The Institute has been created to promote the development of the innate higher potential of all human beings. It shall provide a meeting place for dialogue, teaching programs and related efforts. It is to provide a wide range of alternatives among teachings and practices and approaches to the psychological, intellectual, sacred and spiritual in a non-denominational format to help meet the needs of individuals and the community.

Just as in medicine where we find that health problems differ from individual to individual even with the same diagnosis, and utilize varied drugs and procedures to solve the problems and promote healing, and just as two people with the same generic ailment may require quite different methods to achieve a solution (because they are genetically different and variable), so do we offer a variety of programs through the Institute.

Preventive medicine is a high priority for the culture now. This concept or approach to a discipline can be extended to the psychological life of mankind such that it can create the framework, stage and script for added peace, harmony and joy. Just as health maintenance becomes increasingly important, so will our spiritual and psychological maintenance through active, aware actualizing programs such as those offered by the Institute for Inner Growth. An ongoing program of self-healing and self-actualization may be as important as an ongoing program of physical activity or intellectual stimulation.

We offer the possibility for unprecedented growth toward wholeness – the correct avenue will be determined by you and your special needs and situation alone, through your choices and a holistic approach.

Institute for Inner Growth
Kent Rossman & Mira-Barbara Rossman


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