Dream Interpretation 


How does your interest and passion for dreams show up?  Some people find it amusing and interesting; some are haunted by images or symbols that appear in their dreams.  Many people are surprised to find guidance and support from their unconscious that can help to open their self-awareness.  Dreams can teach, can balance conscious thoughts, feelings, and actions, can harmonize, and can sometimes be predictive.  Dreams are personal, and frequently, have a collective message as well, thus serving the group that hears them.  Dreams are picked randomly, and 2-3 are done within the time period.  I feel that you will be moved by what can come through a dream, even if the dream is initiated in another individual.
The Dream Group meets on the second Monday morning of the month.  The fee is $25.00 per session. Please email Mira know of your intent to attend at watercolors@cox.net

Reminders are sent out the week before in order to know how many will be attending.

If you have any interest in an evening group, please email Mira Barbara at watercolors@cox.net


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