Enneagram Studies 


                                                                  ENNEAGRAM STUDIES

The Enneagram of Personality is a self-development system that combines ancient teachings and modern psychological methods to promote self-understanding and the understanding of others. Both Kent and Mira Barbara are Enneagram instructors, certified through The Enneagram Narrative Tradition taught by Helen Palmer and David Daniels.

The Institute for Inner Growth will offer an introductory to a group of at least 5 people on a specific date. Call 480-991-5645 to arrange.  Kent and Mira have not scheduled any Enneagram classes for the present time.

                                                                     TYPING INTERVIEW

We offer a personal interview to focus your attention on identifying your type. 

By arrangement. 480-991-6320

                                               AEA-ARIZONA ENNEAGRAM ASSOCIATION

This non-profit organization is the product of a group of dedicated Enneagram instructors and enthusiasts  that have gathered to join their resources to continue Enneagram education in Arizona.  Visit our beautiful website, www.arizonaenneagram.org   For questions, you can contact our email address and someone will respond shortly.  Become a member and enjoy the extra benefits of an Enneagram community.  We hope to see you at one of our many Enneagram offerings.  

 AEA classes will be held via Zoom


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