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From Kent…

Discovered on  September 2, 2020, in the files from 2009 

The powerful rays of understanding tumbled out of the heavenly arena bombarding the intellect container; crashing open the high walls of my tower  and disintegrating the illusion of safety, security and certainty in the future.

Falling to the ground, fearful of a crushing, hard landing, I was shocked to discover the softness of an ongoing falling which seemed to not quite ever strike a cold hard place, but rather experiencing a continuing flow of falling gently as though grounded in space.

No need to know with certainty.

No need to land on a hard stable ground.

Only the ongoing flow of pure experience, being where I am, as I am, without protection or distance that I had in the illusion of false security of the tower.

There was a time when I would have fallen screaming bloody murder. The heart has opened wide enough to hold the precious nature of real experience without knowing what is going to happen next.

I remember being told to visualize the gold, loving light of truth with the whole universe pervaded by this loving light, first the sun, then earth and then the moon and then the earth and all vegetation, the animal kingdom and humankind.

Realization is a movement toward unity, the primary focus of our practice. The Pearl serves as an integration of all parts into one unified wholeness, the individual unity.

The primordial unity is called the holy truth. There is only one truth and it is the mystery of mysteries where everything is the same and arms are not separate from the body. Spiritual practice brings clarity and discrimination which are manifestations of the unity of reality, revealing the underlying unity, a recognition of unity. The holy truth is the recognition of many experiences of unification and even though we like it it threatens our separate individuation.

Pure presence is characterized by a luminosity-clarity-emptiness-light-nothing. The question of size disappears. Everything is concretely defined yet not separate, and empty vastness.

All that we see is all that is, pure appearance. Beyond it is pure darkness-a mystery. Each form arises out of a formless ground.

Perceiving unity constellated love and appreciation.

April 27, 2015

Genetic control of life is absolutely fascinating and a compelling reason why it is so difficult for me to change my fate.  It has been studied in this particular research that genes are capable of differential expression- that is, ones from mother might be dominant in one persons particular gene ( there are about 30,000 active genes that determine who we are) and one from father in another gene in the same person.  I think you get the idea that we already know just from observation that "he takes after his father" in some trait and maybe "after his mother" in another.

The researchers found that overall in mice that have all genes from mother that the cells just stopped growing and died, but when mixed with genes from father they thrived.  Conversely, when all the genes were from father, the cells grew wildly and turned into cancer!, but when mixed with genes from mother they grew normally.

It is known that a certain cancerous growth of the placenta in humans (choriocarcinoma) is made up of entirely cells of paternal origin, while ovarian teratomas which are benign growths in women are made up entirely of the woman's genome!  It also explains why cells taken from activated unfertilized ovum (eggs) are not useful for cloning purposes since they have only the maternal DNA and will not grow well.

At a deeper level it reinforces the understanding I have at the level of psychology and spiritual energies, that we require the inner marriage of the masculine and feminine energies and attitudes for adequate growth of our real selves.  The deep scientific discoveries only reinforce the understandings that come from the deep understanding of the psychospiritual mysteries.

Kent Rossman

June 20, 2010

This is one of my favorite Jewish stories: The Power of Blessing

This is a famous mystical tale told about the seer of Lublin, a mystical master who lived in Eastern Europe 100 years ago.  Everyone knew that the holy seer could see from one end of the world to the other, and past and future were transparent in the present moment

One day Levi came to the seer to be with him for the holiday.  However, as soon as he came in, the seer said to him, I am sorry, Levi, but you cannot stay with me this holiday.

“Why”, asked Levi, “I have come so far to be with you.”

“The angel of death surrounds you, Levi.  I see that you are destined to die this holiday.  It would be better for you to go to one of the surrounding villages and die quietly there.”

You can imagine the shock and despair that overcame Levi.  He had only one day to live.  He took his belongings, and with tears streaming down his face he began walking out of town toward his death.  On the road, Levi saw a coach full of the seer’s students traveling toward Lublin.  They were singing with great joy, obviously on their way to the seer for the holiday.  Seeing him on the road, they stopped the coach and invited him in.  “Friend”, they called,  “jump in.  The holiday is soon and you’re walking the wrong way.”

Levi could barely talk and motioned them to continue on.  However, being mystic initiates in the art of loving, they could not just leave him on the road, so they pressed him for an explanation.   Levi related to them what the seer had told him and how he was going to die soon in a nearby village.  The students glanced at each other and then back at Levi.  Virtually in unison they responded, the seer is not always right.  You do not have to die alone in the village.  Come with us to Lublin and that way if you do have to die, we can at least make it comfortable and help you in the crossing.

Levi got in and then they continued toward Lublin.  On the way, they passed a tavern, which prompted one of the students to say, since you will die tomorrow, surely you do not need your money.  Why don’t you buy us all drinks at the tavern and we can have a pre-holiday celebration.   Levi agreed that this made sense, and they all went into the tavern.

They bought a great deal of good whiskey.  Each time one of the students was to down a shot, he would first turn to Levi, and say with great passion, “L’Chiam, Levi, Levi to life.”

What a time they had.  They got higher and higher and soon Levi got caught up in it all.  Each time a student would drink and cried out the blessing, he would respond by downing another shot and returning the L’Chiam.  Before long, tomorrow seemed ages away.  Round after round the blessing of L’Chiam poured forth  They lost track of time and arrived at the prayer service only minutes before the holiday, happy and deeply bonded.  After the service, Levi unsteadily edged his way to the seer to wish him a good holiday.

The seer smiled and with great love and said, “Levi the angel of death has left you.  A master’s prediction is not as powerful as the love filled blessings of L’Chiam that the students give to one another.  So Levi”, he said, “lifting his holiday wine glass, let me add my blessing to theirs.”

“L’Chiam – to life.!!”

From Kent…
March 14, 2009

I Saw Who I Was Before I Was!

I saw who I was before I was! There is a perception of eons of genetic material slowly adding each piece of nucleic acid DNA from countless ancestors and countless mutations. I can see the huge golden egg from mother filled with genetic material from both her mother and father. Then I see the tiny sperm, so overwhelmed by the size of the egg and so determined to seed life, also filled with nuclear material from both mother and father. I have no idea who all these donors were, are and am overwhelmed by how utterly unique my genetic heritage really is.

I can then see in the center of the Golden mystery of Being moving like a hand with a light wand, casting brilliant, sparkling light that shifts colors from dazzling white, to shining gold, to deep purple, to bright red and on and on.

I can feel who I am without being me; who I am, before I ever was-a mysterious, infinite, flowing life-force totally connected to the universe-to the dynamic, fluxing, fusing and separating, chaotic interplay of one force as the many. The force moves from unity to infinite multiplicity and I can feel it attempt to help me relax and allow what wants to emanate through me as a transmitter of life itself wanting to express itself. There is no need to identify with any fixed sense of self, opening to simply enjoy this variety and be touched by the ultimate source of spontaneity.

As the Golden mystery of being moves as if a hand is flicking rapidly a light wand, infinite droplets of multicolored light drip and drop into infinite space.

And there is peace, and there is the aggressive energy of the life force itself, and there is silence, and there is sound and music and delight and difficulty.

A wondrous mystery unfolds,and for a brief time I can behold without explanation. This is an impersonally personal I-no character traits, no history-only the delightful mystery of it all.


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